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Adobe InDesign

Before printing or handing off the document to Arrow, you can perform a quality check on the document. Preflight is the industry-standard term for this process. The preflight utility warns of problems that may prevent a document or book from imaging as desired, such as missing files or fonts. It also provides helpful information about a document or book, such as the inks it uses, the first page on which a font appears, and print settings. For a video on preparing files for output, click here. Packaging is the next stage of preparing a document for print after preflighting. Packaging gathers together a copy of the publication, its associated graphics and fonts, and a report about the document for sending to Arrow.

  1. Choose File > Preflight… Read through the various sections of the preflight report to make sure they agree with what you thought you had.
  2. Choose File > Package… Follow the instructions as they come up on the screen.
  3. Upload to files to arrow or burn a CD to mail or drop off at:
    Arrow Printing Co., Inc.
    115 W. Woodland, P.O. Box 2898
    Salina, Kansas 67402-2898

Order printing online using my Adobe InDesign file.

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