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Preparing your files for print is easy.

There are only a few things we need from you to successfully get your ideas translated into print. The information below these six basic points is for specific software (see links above).

  1. If the piece you design is only for one color, save your file as the PMS color. If it is more than one, save it as “spot color” or “CMYK’ depending on the nature of the job. Never save your print files as “RGB.”
  2. Please copy every font you use in a document and insert it into a folder you create called “FONTS”. We need both the printer and screen version of each font, or if you are using true type fonts, just the true type version is all we need.
  3. Include all the graphic files you use in the document. Put them in a folder called “Graphics.” You may have embedded them in the documents, but if the output devices we use do not have the actual files to which we link back, the resulting images will come out at a very low resolution.
  4. Please do not use GIF and JPEG files, which have been saved for web use, in your print documents. There is virtually no way to make them look satisfactory because they are generally 24% of the resolution used for printing. Learn more about resolution of pictures.
  5. Don’t apply formatting like bold or italic. Select the bold font as a separate font.
  6. If possible, provide us with a hard copy of the piece to be printed.

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