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Adobe Photoshop

All of the raster graphics developed and edited at Arrow utilize this powerful software. For more information, visit www.adobe.com/products/photoshop We accept all types of photo files. Get more info on digital photos or resolution.


CAD (dfx or other engineering files)—For drawings to use for printed literature or websites. In many cases, we are able to convert your CAD drawings into a vector based file which will be editable, for flexibility and best results. If you can export files as pdf, this often is a good solution to provide us with editable line art which allow us to specify line thickness and add type, color and gradients to your drawings. The illustrations created from your original CAD or pdf exported files will be crisp and usable at any size. If you export your drawing as a 300 (or more) pixel per inch TIF raster image, we can place the non–editable image in files for printing in high resolution.

Corel Draw

We support Corel Draw files.

Microsoft Excel

This is the most common software our customers use to provide a mailing list for direct mail pieces.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Word

Clients provide text and rough layouts they have composed in Word. We will often reformat these files into a page layout program. If you have Word files that do not need to be tweeked or designed, send them to us as they are, or export them as a pdf (portable document format) before you send them to us. Never embed graphics in a manuscript file, such as a WordPerfect or Word document, that you are sending to Arrow Printing. Send the graphics separately as individual elements.

Certain kinds of graphics cannot be used in the editing, typesetting and graphic design programs used to create files for an offset press. These include PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, WordPerfect Graphics, Corel Presentation, etc. Arrow professionals can help by finding appropriate graphics to substitute those you provide which can’t be printed.

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